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Welcome — I'm a self-learned hobby musician. Sometimes I compose, play several instruments, record, sequence and mix ideas. I do this alone. Here are 3O of my home recordings, old and new:

"Coming Home" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — music is what feelings sound like, and I was in a jazzy mood.

"The Long Road" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — I guess I've found the perfect tempo for this one.

"Heatwave" (keyboard, guitars, bass, drums) — recorded in this year's damn hot July. The city was sweating!

"Sweet Dreams" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion) — positive energy here. And I love playing congas.

"Through The Storm" (keyboards, drums) — one of my high-energy compositions. Best served loud.

Blues Impro (guitar, keyboard, bass, drums) — trying to express my emotions through my guitar.

"No Goodbyes" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — when I leave, I'll just leave. I won't wave goodbye.

"I know" (guitar, percussion, vocals) — this was my first song when I started making music. Erm...

"New Day Rising" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — the city is waking up, carpe diem!

"The Wheel" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals) — this was one of my first songs, back in 1987.

"Easy Peasy" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion) — includes a Rhodes solo with pitch-bend, LOL

"My Peace" (piano) — a meditative improvisation on a peaceful summer evening...

"Breaking Free" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion) — free yourself from the bad stuff in life.

"Love Hurts" (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) — one of my first songs, learning how to sing. I tried.

"Creeping Cat" (guitars, bass, drums) — OK, I've played that poor guitar too hard. Imagine a walking cat. At night.

"When You Left Me" (keyboard, bass, drums) — not yet finished... haha.

"Dance Dance Dance" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — this was just for fun.

"Rock Off" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — one of my louder tracks...

"Sugar and Cream" (guitars, bass, drums) — this was one of my first ideas for a "cool" groove.

"Missing Lisa" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — a sad tune about a woman I used to love.

Conga Solo (*bad* live audio from stage)

"The Ice Skater" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — figure skating was perhaps my most intense hobby.

"Sticky Fingers" (guitars, bass, drums) — pretty chaotic, but here's one of my better bass lines.

Slap Bass (bass, drums)

Audio Advertisment — I made a few audio ads (also for clients) — notice how words and music fit together!

"Dangerous Rhythm" (guitars, bass, drums) — I've cut the vocals but still liked it so I didn't delete this.

"Full Power" (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — yeah, I played it loud.

"Elevator Music" (keyboard, drums, percussion) — too sweet? Yep.

"Samba Jazz" (keyboard, bass, drums, percussion) — I just love fooling around with rhythms.

"A Bit Of Dust" (keyboard, bass, drums, vocals) — yeah, don't take yourself too seriously.