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Hello. As a self-taught hobby musician on several instruments, I've composed and sequenced, played and recorded ideas. Here's some new and old stuff:    
"Let's Jump"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, perc.) — I think the color yellow fits the sexy mood of my one-man band.
"Through The Storm"

(keyboards, drums) — one of my high-energy compositions, made in the 90s *at night* (as usual).
"Get Some Sleep"

(keyboard, bass, drums) — they say that music is what feelings sound like. Well, I was very tired ;-)
"You Can Win"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — some motivational music to start a great day. The DVS sax is not bad.
"Rock Off"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — somewhat aggressive, but I composed and played this in a pissed off mood ;-)

(keyboard, guitars, bass, drums) — I recorded this track in a damn hot summer. The city was sweating!
"Rainy Day"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — mixed for headphones, minimalistic, thinking of falling raindrops...
"The Long Road"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — I guess this might be a good groove for driving at night. I like the Modo bass.
"Missing Lisa"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — this is a pretty sad track about a woman who once made me super happy.
Blues Impro

(guitar, keyboard, bass, drums) — trying to express my emotions through my Variax guitar. Just a short clip.
"Down To The River"

(guitar, bass, percussion, vocals) — this was a short challenge to play/sing in an odd 6/8 time. Just an experiment.
"Easy Peasy"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — I've included a Rhodes e-piano solo with a pitch-bend effect, which is funny.
"The Wheel"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, congas, vocals) — this was one of my very first compositions, back in 1987.
"Creeping Cat"

(guitars, bass, drums) — Yeah, I've played my guitar too hard. Imagine a slowly walking cat. At night.
"Love Hurts"

(guitar, bass, drums, vocals) — one of my first songs, I was learning how to sing. Well, you could say I tried.
"Sweet Dreams"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — a lot of positive energy here. And I just loved playing the congas at the end.
"Too Close"

(keyboard, guitars, bass, drums, vocals) — Wow, this is really old. Bass line inspired by The Temptations.
"Inside Of My Head"

(guitar, bass, e-drums, vocals) — a very old experiment with unusual guitar chords and an e-drum track.
"No Goodbyes"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — thinking that when I leave, I'll just leave. I won't wave goodbye.
"I know"

(guitar, percussion, vocals) — this was my very first song when I started making music. I just bought a sampler.
"New Day Rising"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — the city is waking up, carpe diem! If I have "a style" at all, this might be it. Or not!
"My Peace"

(piano) — a meditative improvisation on a peaceful summer evening... yeah, there's a small mistake at 0:37.
"Breaking Free"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion) — thinking about how you free yourself from the bad stuff in life.
"When You Left Me"

(keyboard, bass, drums) — this one is not yet finished, but I liked the piano intro so I'll finish this. Some day, haha.
"Dance Dance Dance"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — I've recorded this just for fun. Notice how the tambourine enhances the beat.
"Sugar and Cream"

(guitars, bass, drums) — very old and badly recorded, but this was one of my first ideas for a "cool" groove.
Conga Solo

(*bad* live audio from stage)
"The Ice Skater"

(keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) — figure skating was perhaps my most intense hobby. Next to programming.
"Sticky Fingers"

(guitars, bass, drums) — pretty chaotic and too many guitars, but here's one of my better ideas for a bass line.
Slap Bass

(bass, drums)
Audio Advertisment

I made a few of these audio ads (also for clients). Notice how the words and the music fit together perfectly.
"Dangerous Rhythm"

(guitars, bass, drums) — I've cut my vocals but I liked the general idea of the intro, so I haven't deleted this.
Elevator Music

(keyboard, drums, percussion) — too sweet? Yep. Sometimes I like that.
Samba Jazz

(keyboard, bass, drums, percussion) — I just love experimenting with rhythms.
"A Bit Of Dust"

(keyboard, bass, drums, vocals) — yeah, don't take yourself too seriously.