The Runaway

You can hear music I made alone (see my composition).

Sounds like a band? I did a lot of sound design... (see my composition)
Funky Fingers

Life is rhythm and Funk makes me wanna dance (see my composition).

This driving track was recorded on a very hot day (see my composition).
Now Or Never

A funky piano, guitar, bass, drums and a flute (see my composition).
Don't Lose Hope

When feeling down, heartfelt music might help (see my composition).
Here Comes Trouble

I was the drummer of 3 bands. Then a 1-man-band (see my composition).
Moving On

It's often best to leave the past behind and move on (see my composition).
Wild Hearts

With music, I can express more than with words (see my composition).
You Can Win

My music is non-commercial => creative freedom! (see my composition)
Blue Waves

This is a relaxing piano piece with Blues phrasings (see my composition).

Walking with my little dog is a time of caring love (see my composition).
Turn It On

I had fun as a self-taught composer/player/mixer (see my composition).
Piano Time

I mainly mix for tablets, laptops and smartphones (see my composition).
Chicken Funk

You might say that I liked to destroy silence... (see my composition).

My idea for a groove that's good for improvising (see my composition).
Goose Walk

For this jazzy and funny track, I used two guitars (see my composition).
Not My Problem

This is how I sound when I experiment with rhythms (see my composition).
Spring Is Here

In springtime, nature comes to life. Passion at 3:20 (see my composition).
Small Steps

For this track, I played a very unusual Latin groove (see my composition).
Into The Light

First I composed this on the guitar, then I added stuff (see my composition).

Based on my guitar riff and a carefully played sax VST (see my composition).
Open Sky

To free your mind, look into the blue sky or listen to this (see my composition).

Coffee wakes me up! This band is just me and music skills (see my mix).
Tired Of Waiting

Impatience! This one changes between an edgy off-beat and a straight rhythm.
Happy Little Dog

Watching my cute dog play, wag, beg for treats. The title is in the main melody.
Outdoor Life

I usually start my days with my dog outside in nature, watching the sun rise.

This sexy groove started on my old Tune bass guitar. I usually played at night.
New Day Rising

The city is waking up with life. Here I'm changing between soft and hard parts.
Get Some Sleep

People say that music is what feelings sound like. Well, I was very tired ;-)

As a programmer/designer, I made cool functions and designs for this page.
Dancing Turtles

Sometimes I play around with extremely silly ideas. Why? It's funny!
Reasons To Laugh

In hard times, people need humor. This track began with my guitar ideas.
Breaking Free

I was thinking about how you free yourself from all the bad stuff in life.
Rainy Day

This one is rather minimalistic — with an intense sadness. And some hope.
Blues Impro

The following tracks are old! Here I expressed my emotions through my guitar.
Help Me

For a change, here's a lo-fi song that I composed, played (guitars) and sang.
Through The Storm

A high-energy Rock composition which I made a long time ago in the nineties.
Rock Off

For decades, I didn't show my music to anyone so I didn't get any feedback.
Down To The River

This was a short challenge to play/sing in an odd 6/8 time. Just an experiment.
The Wheel

This was one of my very first compositions, back in 1987.
Creeping Cat

Yeah, I've played my guitar too hard. Imagine a slowly walking cat. At night.
Love Hurts

One of my first songs, I was learning how to sing. Well, you could say I tried.
Sweet Dreams

A lot of positive energy here. And I just loved playing the congas at the end.
Too Close

Wow, this is really old. Bass line inspired by The Temptations.
Inside Of My Head

A very old experiment with unusual guitar chords and an e-drum track.
I Know

My very first song when I started making music. I just bought a sampler...
My Peace

A meditative improvisation on a peaceful summer evening.
Conga Solo

(bad live audio from stage)

You won't like this, but I do because I composed and played it from my heart.
The Ice Skater

Figure skating was perhaps my most intense hobby. Next to programming.
Slap Bass

(simple and sweet)
Audio Advertisment

Notice how the words and the music fit together perfectly.
Dangerous Rhythm

I've cut my vocals but I liked the idea of the intro, so I haven't deleted this.
Elevator Music

Too sweet? Yep. Sometimes I like that.
Samba Jazz

I just love experimenting with rhythms.
A Bit Of Dust

Yeah, don't take yourself too seriously ;-)

Greg Lemm