Right On Time

You can hear music I made alone (see my composition).
Higher And Higher

This webpage/playlist contains ... of my tracks (see my composition)
No Goodbyes

This slow Jazz track is good for relaxation... (see my composition)

Dreaming of a better world where everyone's OK (see my composition)
You Did It

This track includes sensual e-guitar melodies... (see my composition)
Perfect Timing

I composed this track with Funk and Jazz ideas (see my composition).

So a "complete" musician can sound like a band (see my composition)
Cosmic Blues

Most Blues songs are sad and about heartache (see my composition)

For this track, I chose a mellow guitar sound (see my composition)

The soundtrack to my life is usually Jazz-Pop (see my composition)
You Got Soul

This is a sensual track with a Les Paul guitar (see my composition)
She's Gone

An unusual 6/8 rhythm and a deeply sad guitar (see my composition)

Jazz gives me freedom, congas give me a smile (see my composition)
All The Way

A powerful track based on a hot piano groove (see my composition)

I recorded this on a hot day, hating the heat (see my composition).
Jazzin' Around

The drum fills in this Jazz track are complex (see my composition)
Open Sky

To free your mind, look into the blue sky... (see my composition).
Next Level

I tried to sound like a band – that's a challenge (see my composition)
Hell And Back

If everyone was happy, we'd have less music (see my composition)
Long Ago

A slow track for remembering a special lady (see my composition)

Funky, danceable, lots of claps and cool bass (see my composition)
Now Or Never

Here are some of my ideas for chords and bass (see my composition).

Some of my music is emotionally melancholic... (see my composition)

In Jazz, you can experiment with anything... (see my composition)
Turn It On

I like to develop sexy grooves with good vibes (see my composition).
License To Groove

A funky track with an 80's style B3 organ solo (see my composition)

My life happens in stages, good and bad ones (see my composition)

I'm interested in the groove, not the perfection (see my composition)
Power Up

I started as a percussionist and love congas! (see my composition)
Rebel Soul

Apparently, I can combine R&B with Rock parts (see my composition).
Foolish Heart

Each time you play music, it turns kind of new (see my composition).

A simple but atmoshperic tune for the evenings (see my composition)
It Gets Easier

The hardest thing in life is letting go - see title (see my composition)
Table For Two

Just a romantic guitar with some percussion... (see my composition)
Spring Is Here

In springtime, the whole nature comes to life (see my composition).
Don't Lose Hope

When feeling down, heartfelt music might help (see my composition).

There's a place inside where everything's OK (see my composition)
Fun Key

This powerful piano groove can make me dance (see my composition)
This Moment

I used an ES-335 guitar – like Ph. Catherine (see my composition)
Alone Too Long

A slow and sad tune made for those rainy days (see my composition)
Heavy Wings

E-guitar, sax, piano, strings, bass and drums (see my composition)

When I have a sad day, I compose happy music (see my composition)
Feel The Night

It's a groove track with e-piano improvisation (see my composition)
What The Funk

A funky, danceable track that was fun to make (see my composition).

A slow, funky track with a dreamy guitar solo (see my composition)

The tracks I leave behind are like footprints (see my composition)

One of my first compositions - 30 years ago (see my composition).

A chillout track for those passionate nights (see my composition)
Could It Be

This track has a piano played in Hornsby style (see my composition)
Side By Side

This is a romantic track with a good energy (see my composition)
Chill Factor

Smooth Jazz with a special grand piano sound (see my composition)
So Nice

There should be more nice persons and things (see my composition)
Furry Friends

I love being in the presence of furry animals (see my composition)
In The Pocket

As a drummer, I tried to play "in the pocket" (see my composition)
Mood Food

A funny jam with Funk elements and Rhodes (see my composition)
Funky Fingers

Life is rhythm, Funk makes me wanna dance (see my composition).
Let's Jump

An uplifting dance track with a guitar solo (see my composition)
Hey You

Grooving in my little bedroom producer studio (see my composition)
Sleeping Beauty

When my darling sleeps, she's so very adorable (see my composition)

Sometimes it's ironic how bad luck just happens (see my composition).
Lost And Found

A fast yet melancholic piece with cool changes (see my composition)
It's About Time

My impatience can be felt in this groovy track (see my composition)
Talking Bass

I was the bassist of a band so I dig the bass (see my composition)
Wake-up Call

There's lots of positive energy in this track (see my composition)
Hard Work Shuffle

Here's a jam with piano and sax improvisations (see my composition)
Turning Point

This has a driving beat based on piano chords (see my composition)

Here I tried out some ideas for the horn section (see my composition)
Stronger Without You

Quite a simple track with melancholic melodies (see my composition)
Third Wish

It's a danceable combination of Classics with R&B (see my composition)
Last Train Home

ES-335 guitar for rhythm, Les Paul for solos (see my composition)
Never Ever

Sadly, there are things that I will never do (see my composition)
Golden Eyes

Every day I look into the most beautiful eyes (see my composition)
Too Late

Quite a wild Rock track with a hot guitar solo (see my composition).

For this one, I used the Amplesound SH Guitar (see my composition)
All I Wanted

Funny how a melody can sound like a memory... (see my composition)

I'm interested in creating energy through music (see my composition).
Traces Of Me

Musicians want to be the voice for quiet hearts (see my composition)
If I'm Lucky

The snare is probably the most important piece (see my composition)
Dangerous Rhythm

If you're 100% yourself, you'll be different (see my composition)
Lazy Afternoon

A relaxing track with Jazz guitar improvisation (see my composition)
When She Dances

For mixing + mastering, I use Sonible AI tools (see my composition)
Guilty Pleasures

Making music instead of sleeping? I'm guilty (see my composition)
One More Time

Enjoy this uplifting track with lots of flute (see my composition)
Moving Feet

Dance is a language everybody understands (see my composition)

I'm curious about new ideas and combinations (see my composition)
Just A Touch

A long track with calming and soothing parts (see my composition)

This was my 200th published track - it's crazy (see my composition)
Funky Broadway

When I made this, I was in a funkadelic mood (see my composition)
Invisible Island

I thought of holidays, flying away and freedom (see my composition)
Red Light Traffic

If everyone drives through red lights... chaos (see my composition)
You're Always Here

If you have a strong connection with someone (see my composition)

A danceable track with special rhythmic ideas (see my composition)
Tell Me When

This steady beat makes me move *both* feet (see my composition)
Just A Dream

Here's a relaxing track with nice Jazz chords (see my composition)

Sometimes, I just experiment with new ideas (see my composition)
Just Between Us

I was in some melancholic mood for this track (see my composition)
Wizard Dance

An experimental track with mallet instruments (see my composition)
Comfort Zone

Composing in my comfort zone would be boring (see my composition)

This track is based on ideas for piano chords (see my composition)

An experimental track with echo on the guitar (see my composition)
Sax Monkey

This one is a silly little tune with saxophone (see my composition)
Let It Flow

I would say that Neo-Soul is good for my soul (see my composition)
All I Need

Sometimes I need music to take a reality break (see my composition)
The Longest Summer

The last summer seemed to be without an end... (see my composition)
Sweet Thing

A very relaxing track, composed for my darling (see my composition)
Mother Nature

An experimental track with warm instruments (see my composition)
Light A Candle

Something contemplative and rather romantic (see my composition)
Good Times

You can never have enough good vibrations... (see my composition)

Here I mingled classical and Jazz influences (see my composition)

An uplifting Latin track with rhythmic ideas (see my composition)
Dog Park

This is a fun track about playtime for doggos (see my composition)

I tried to make a theme for an action movie (see my composition)
Gimme That

My cute dog can simply never get enough treats (see my composition)
Liberty Walk

Walking in nature is good for mind and body (see my composition)
Never Enough

Wisdom: the less you want, the richer you are (see my composition)

I think that music should make you feel good! (see my composition)
Sail The Ocean

A very relaxing piece with sax + guitar solos (see my composition)
White Elephants

An experimental track with African instruments (see my composition)
One Step Closer

Here I tried out some bass/chord combinations (see my composition)
All Your Colors

Talent isn't enough, you need the will to finish (see my composition)
Before You Sleep

I "painted" all MIDI notes/hits with my mouse (see my composition).
Morning Birds

Every morning, I drink coffee and watch birds fly (see my composition).
Dark Red

If you dislike classical music, just skip this one (see my composition)
Blue Note Mambo

Hear some Latin-Jazz built on a "Dmaj9" chord (see my composition)
The Void

An experimental track with strings layering... (see my composition)
Nothing To Fear

For this one, I played a Flamenco style guitar (see my composition)
Moon Taxi

To compose band music is to combine creativity (see my composition)
Someone Like You

A slow and relaxing track – for my best friend (see my composition).

This was an experiment with an odd 7/8 rhythm (see my composition)
Magic Touch

Something relaxing that helps me going to sleep (see my composition).
Cheer Up

Here I transformed a sad piano riff into a happy one (see my composition).
Shadow Dance

At night, there's someone dancing in the dark... (see my composition).
The River

Every day, I'm at the river... it just flows... (see my composition).

This conveys being angry — and forgiveness (see my composition).

This one is very jazzy and has unusual chords (see my composition).
War And Peace

A track that's dark and bright, mad and hopeful (see my composition).
Flute Fever

Most of my music was made in sleepless nights (see my composition)

This is a pretty wild Jazz track with impros (see my composition)
Sunset Samba

Here's a laid-back Latin dance groove for you (see my composition).
Oh La La

I wish my life had uplifting background music (see my composition)
Tough Luck

An ironic combination of Rock, Reggae and Blues (see my composition).
Kick It

This is an experimental track with a wild piano (see my composition).
Millions In Seconds

My most stressful job was: Head of Forex Dept. (see my composition)
It's Alright

If you worry too much, this might cheer you up (see my composition).

This gentle track invites you to get some sleep (see my composition).
Gone Too Soon

This is a dance track with a melancholic melody (see my composition)
Don't Lie

People, like an ex-president, should stop lying (see my composition)

My idea of an old man, moving around slowly... (see my composition)
Miss You Much

I have spent decades missing my ex girlfriend (see my composition)
Out Of The Blue

Here I played with a simple theme and surprises (see my composition)

A rather simple dance groove with driving bass (see my composition).
Ups And Downs

What sounds like a 6-man band is a 1-man band (see my composition).
End Of Summer

This is a melancholic piece about getting old... (see my composition).
Dreaming In Stereo

Music touches us emotionally where words cannot (see my composition).
No More War

This is a simple Rock track based on Ukraine news (see my composition).
If I Could Fly

This Jazzpop band is just me and music skills (see my composition).

The love of my life — with unexpected changes (see my composition).
The Bright Side

Everything in life has two sides, here's "good" (see my composition).
Then And Now

Music is a simple joy that helps calm the mind (see my composition).
On My Way

It's a good groove when my foot starts to move (see my composition).
After The Rain

My ideas for guitar, horns, strings, bass, drums (see my composition).
Skating in Paris

I did a lot of artistic skating — two weeks in Paris (see my composition).
Eviva Bonita

My cute, funny dog from Spain is like this track (see my composition).
Alley Cats

I imagined how stray cats are moving around (see my composition).

If you play this track loud, you can feel the energy (see my composition).
Here Comes Trouble

I was the drummer of 3 bands. Then a 1-man-band (see my composition).
The Runaway

As a boy, I ran away from home – and felt FREE (see my composition).
Easy Peasy

I'm a self-taught hobby composer / player / mixer (see my composition)
Friday Jam

I played drums, bass, keys, guitar and sax VST's (see my composition).
Doggy Blues

My dog was rescued from a depressing life in Spain (see my composition).
Night Running

I once ran through the streets of London at night (see my composition).

Based on my guitar riff and a carefully played VI Sax (see my composition).
At The Beach

Remembering my beach holidays on Gran Canaria (see my composition).
Time To Chill

I've often played this riff on my guitar — to relax (see my composition).
Small Steps

For this track, I played a very unusual Latin groove (see my composition).
Blue Waves

This is a relaxing piano piece with Blues phrasings (see my composition).
Tired Of Waiting

Making music is a hobby that taught me how to listen (see my composition).
When You Left

After a good friend died, I composed this sad track (see my composition).
Don't Blame Me

A good band with a sexy groove, programmed in MIDI (see my composition).

As a programmer/designer, I made cool functions and designs for this page.

Walking with my little dog is a time of caring love (see my composition).
Moving On

It's often best to leave the past behind and move on (see my composition).
You Can Win

My music is non-commercial => creative freedom! (see my composition)
Wild Hearts

With music, I can express more than with words (see my composition).
Not My Problem

This is how I sound when I experiment with rhythms (see my composition).
Into The Light

First I composed this on the guitar, then I added stuff (see my composition).

Coffee wakes me up! This band is just me and music skills (see my mix).
Goose Walk

For this jazzy and funny track, I used two guitars (see my composition).
Happy Little Dog

Watching my cute dog play, wag, beg for treats. The title is in the main melody.

This driving groove started on my old Tune bass guitar. I like to play this loud.
New Day Rising

The city is waking up with life. Here I'm changing between soft and hard parts.
Through The Storm

The end of this playlist is for some of my older tracks, back in the Nineties.
The Emptiness

This is a rather depressing track from a time when I had lots of rainy days.
Rock Off

For decades, I didn't show my music to anyone so I didn't get any feedback.
Blues Impro

Here I expressed my emotions through my guitar — the Variax Taylor JTV-69.
Creeping Cat

Yeah, I've played my guitar too hard. Imagine a slowly walking cat. At night.
My Peace

This is a meditative piano piece improvised on a very peaceful summer evening.

When I was 25, I started composing my own music. Often with unusual chords!
She's Won

I cut the vocals here, but I played my guitar and bass without timing issues.
Sweet Dreams

A lot of positive energy here. And I just loved playing the congas at the end.

Greg Lemm