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«The three most famous Gregs in the world»

So I was wondering whether there are -any- famous Gregs in the world . . .

Interestingly, there are exactly three, and they all share a funny similarity in their mission. Here we go:

- Greg House -
Who? Best television actor (House MD).
Mission: Prove that all others are idiots. Including other doctors, patients he saves, and just about anyone else *g*

- Greg Heffley -
Who? The hero of today's children. Even in Switzerland.
Mission: Prove that he's "surrounded by idiots" - and write a best-selling book with that very title.

- Good Guy Greg -
Who? The most liked internet meme.
Mission: Prove that he's not an idiot like everybody else.

Well, perhaps I'd rather consult the high-traffic Urban Dictionary in which lots of people have entered their own definition of "Greg". Hilarious!

If you know any Gregs, add your definition to the Urban Dictionary - the ones with the most votes get to the top.

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