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  • ~ A huge success!

    ''Everyone Loves the posters. They are great. Thank you...
    Thanks again for the video. A huge success!''
    iconP. Kovacs, CEO,
  • ~ can never repay you

    ''Greg, I dont know how I can thank you. Though I always pray for your success, we can never repay you for what you have done for the TCF.
    Thanks once again.''
    iconN. Ahmad, project lead, TCF Pakistan
  • ~ can't say enough good things

    ''Greg, I can't say enough good things about the work you did building my site.
    Your attention to detail is unequaled... I should say unbelievable. Your knowledge is better than that of any programmer I have worked with and the effort you put into making sure the site met my needs and was indexed by the search engines is great.
    I know I thanked you along the way and I want to thank you again. I look forward to working with you on future projects.''
    iconM. Keown, CEO, US Home Products
  • ~ fantastic job

    ''Shortly said: fantastic job - I most appreciate it!!
    More exactly: Greg is the man for professional web-solutions!
    With his extensive knowledge and talent he manages, even in the most complex jobs, to present high up-to-date quality and solutions!''
    iconR. Skaaning, Founder,
  • logo

    ~ first-rank internet expert

    ''Lots of internet pioneers were expecting to get rich quick in their sector. Two years ago, the "Rundschau" television show featured three young Swiss entrepreneurs - each with great hope and ambiton. Reto Brennwald about what's become of them...
    Greg Lemmenmeier works in his home office in Zurich. Since two years, he's been programming and designing web pages day and night. His business has never been as good as today.
    Greg: "When I have to type 27000 lines of programming code, I sometimes get blisters on my fingers"
    He does everything by himself: Programming, design, and music.
    Today, Lemmenmeier is seen as a first-rank internet expert.
    His customers order directly via internet, e.g. from the US, Spain, or Greece. In order to earn well, however, Lemmenmeier has to program nearly double as much as in previous years.[etc.]''
  • ~ Genius

    ''Genius - how is that possible in just one man?
    Roman - a fan.''
    iconR. Ulram, Manager, GENESiS Software
  • ~ guru of web design

    ''As I felt since the beginning, you deserve a lot of compliments because you are a very appreciated gentleman...
    I will never forget you and I will indicate you as you are: a "guru" of web design and e-platforms!''
    iconT. Marcionelli, Roveredo
  • ~ highly satisfied with the result

    ''We are highly satisfied with the result and would be pleased to come back to you on another job of a similar type.
    We will also recommend your company further.''
    iconU. Jäger, Rentenanstalt / Swiss Life, Zurich
  • ~ I enjoy working with you!

    ''Wow, how much do I enjoy working with you! It is fast, interesting and always direct.''
    iconB. Gideon, best-selling author,
  • ~ I just love your work

    ''I am a Graphic Designer and I just LOVE your work, congratulations.
    Let me tell you something, I JUST CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A DESIGN EDUCATION... the way you work with color, shapes, balance, shadows, etc is just perfect.''
    iconV.Galan, graphic designer,
  • ~ I'm very impressed

    ''I can't believe you handle all things from marketing to complex programming to Flash animation, everything.
    I'm very impressed with your wide range of personal skills, especially your ability to reach international clients.''
    iconS. Witoelar,
  • ~ imaginative and creative mind

    ''You definitely have an imaginative and creative mind, and I would like to use IT for a few more ideas.''
    iconJ. LeRoux, CEO,
  • ~ In short, he's a genius.

    ''We can't thank Greg enough! Without him our business most probably wouldn't have had a future.
    This man built our great looking website from scratch in one week, unbelievable.
    In short, he's a genius.
    We are absolutely impressed about his skills in programming, designing, business consulting, solving problems and the professionalism of working together. Frankly, we can and will recommend him in Australia as one of the best programmers/web developers Switzerland has to offer.''
    iconMarc S., Director, Kwafon Pty Ltd
  • logo

    ~ Internet specialist

    ''Quite often, customers of web design agencies are fascinated by all the graphic design possibilities. They think more about the visual presentation than about the content. For the internet expert Greg Lemmenmeier, it's very clear, however, that clear information and substantial content is worth more and lasts longer than just fancy graphics...
    Web design agencies have matured, and in a few years, the web with all its users will have somehow grown up. Perhaps the web designers will then be the wise fathers of the virtual world.
    More information at:''
  • ~ most accomplished

    ''You are the most accomplished allround person I know - a Renaissance man of today's world - I mean it.''
    iconDr. Harold Chipman, Klaus J. Stöhlker AG
  • logo

    ~ multi-talented

    ''The global virtual network - the internet - has an economic potential of billions of dollars. Among internet professionals, there's something like a gold rush going on. There are quite a few Swiss people who participate in it. These smart entrepreneurs are working on new, ingenious internet solutions: They are innovative - they think and work globally...
    Web designer Greg Lemmenmeier prefers to work at night. He's seen as the multi-talented developer on the scene.
    Greg had quit his job as a Forex Dealer when he got fascinated with the internet. He develops web sites for money, working feverishly until the morning hours.
    'My primary goal is to reach a high level in this *whole* sector', Greg says.
    Greg not only programs web pages by himself, but also creates design, music and animation - things that require several people in other agencies... [etc.] ''
  • ~ nice to work with

    ''Good job, I will do what I can to get some more business your way. I have shown to some people who are really impressed.
    In this business it is very unusual to find someone who will take suggestions, modification, etc., and not continually charge.
    It was nice to work with someone in this manner... I enjoyed interacting with you on this.''
    iconD. Stuart, CEO,
  • ~ sensitivity to our needs

    ''The site is coming along very nicely and we thank you for your hard work.
    We are very pleased with the work that you have accomplished...
    Thank you for your sensitivity to our needs.''
    iconD. Banks, Director of IT, Leading Team Inc.
  • ~ so encouraging

    ''I cannot really explain my feelings, but something tells me you shall remain a longtime professional consultant to me.
    Your approach to consulting has been so encouraging. You are so true and direct.''
    iconC. Young, CEO, Fasterbooker UK
  • ~ such a fantastic job

    ''By the way, every one who has seen your web site (TCF) has greatly appreciated its design. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job.
    By the way your web page is famous at the 4 most influential and widely circulated newspapers.''
    iconFounder of TCF,
  • ~ surpassed our expectations

    ''After commissioned by Pamment Projects, Greg Lemmenmeier developed all the detail concepts for the platform, provided comprehensive consulting services, successfully completed highly complex programming tasks, designed the website and provided copywriting. His excellent services have far surpassed our expectations.
    After our first project meetings, it became very clear: Gregor Lemmenmeier is a multi-talented allrounder and an outstandingly reliable project partner... I can without reservation recommend Gregor Lemmenmeier's services to anyone who's looking for a strong and productive developer.''
    iconM. Greter, CEO, Pamment Projects GmbH
  • ~ the best solutions

    ''Greg's development service excels in terms of solution-finding capability, dedication, friendly support and attractive pricing.
    His managerial background enabled him to find the best solutions for extremely difficult tasks. Finally, as someone with a diploma in information technology, I am convinced that Greg was the only web developer in the world up to the task of successfully realizing the voluminous project budgeted at more than CHF 50'000.-
    I would not hesitate to take on the services of Gregor Lemmenmeier for a project of this type again, and would recommend him without reservation for all types of web projects - especially demanding projects such as this one.''
    iconO. Gossweiler, CEO, B2BTradeNet GmbH
  • logo

    ~ The Networker on the Web

    ''The Networker on the Web... GREG.CH proves that a one-man web design agency can succeed... Greg is well-known... A thorough knowledge of the internet scene and all web related technologies.''
  • ~ very, very happy

    ''I am very,very happy with this last version.''
    iconD. Rubio, CEO, Hollywood Screenwriters
  • ~ We highly recommend

    ''We at Blaze International were looking for a Web designer who is competent in various fields such as design, database management, and marketing, and who has the ability to spot the needs of the customer. We found all this at GREG.CH.
    After understanding the scope and spirit of the project, Greg successfully identified our specific needs and came up with a range of solutions. A continuous exchange of ideas and weekly feedback sessions allowed us a quick and efficient implementation of our project.
    We highly recommend GREG.CH for integrated solutions of Web-based projects.''
    iconM. Baumueller, CEO, Blaze International
  • ~ We were delighted

    ''Excellent work, from design to deployment, and this was done within a very short time. Mr. Lemmenmeier understood our expectations very well.
    Professional approach and excellent, fast deployment. We were delighted by his work. We already have recommended Mr. Lemmenmeier to other companies.''
    iconDr. Koller, CEO, Institute for TQM,
  • ~ You nailed it

    ''You nailed it!! The first one is exactly what we were envisioning... At any rate, that is EXACTLY what we were thinking... Again, we love this logo! Thank you. ''
    iconJ. Avery, CEO, Gatoria Coffee
  • ~ your great efforts

    ''BBR E-Trace will go live this summer and we still appreciate your great efforts that you performed.''
    iconT. Richli, General Mgr.,

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