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Greg has 10+ years of experience as a web programmer / coder, web designer, editor and IT project manager. PHP programming, MySQL databases, CMS, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, RWD, design, SEO, PhoneGap... Greg knows the current web technologies.



For customers on all continents, the Swiss web design agency "GREG.CH" produced elegant websites and developed programs, designs and texts — from simple websites to complex eBusiness, eCommerce and social media platforms with hundreds of special functions.


Swiss Web Programmer/Web Designer/Agency for companies canton Zurich | webdesign, responsive, references
Customers worldwide: Startups, corporations, communities, e-stores, banks, brokers, associations, publishers, schools, hotels, law firms, doctors, photo studios, musicians etc.


inlayEven the very best web designers cannot ignore it: Today, more than 50% of all website visitors use mobile devices (i.e. Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads etc.) but most websites are not optimized for that. They are hard to use, read and navigate. For websites of low to medium complexity, the webdesign agency GREG.CH can develop additional layouts and menu systems to make them Google even PUNISHES sites via downgrading if they're not mobile-friendly! =Responsive Web Design, mobile-optimized ✓
Key factors of successful websites: A short, memorable domain. Google optimization (search results). A start page that gets to the point quickly and has +all+ important info. A simple but effective logo. Simple, clear, error-free texts. An attractive design. Good-looking typefonts. Short loading times. Interesting images and graphics. Simple, clear contact methods. Web links to social media pages (Facebook etc.) = and perhaps the most important factor: A positive, friendly website that is at once engaging & inspiring! =Integrate the success factors of websites ✓
A modern website should be built with modern technologies: PHP7, MySQL5, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, Google APIs, Sprites and RWD. A good web developer can do that. A modern site doesn't contain "Flash" multimedia. It is coded by hand (not with an editor) and contains a custom CMS Content Management System. =Use modern method (jQuery/AJAX/Sprites) ✓
Sadly, most websites contain writing errors. This shows a lack of respect for the users. Webdesigner Greg will ensure that new sites don't contain any typos. Also, SEO Copywriting is used to integrate the relevant Google search terms into the texts. And finally, websites in German should contain an English version – the web is "world wide". =Page text and SEO error-free / multilingual ✓
A fast-loading website is a must. Not only will it keep visitors longer on the site, fast-loading websites will rank better in the Google search results (as confirmed by Google itself). Also, with the high number of different Javascript (.js) and CSS (.css) files in modern websites, most developers fail at bundling it all together in a compact way and reducing the number of web server requests when a web page is loaded. With good skills, this can be solved. =Fast/compressed = fewer server requests ✓
On the internet, there are *many* expensive websites that are worthless because they hardly generate user traffic. When testing the quality of the SEO with the website's primary keyphrases, a good site will be on the first two SERPs in Google. Only this test will prove the SEO skills of the web developer and show that they understand Google Search Engine Optimization, an often misunderstood art mastered only by the best web experts. =Strong Google rankings for your keywords ✓


It's interesting to see how a web developer works. Just go through these case studies that document a few select GREG.CH projects.
Download study:  PDF1  PDF2  PDF3

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